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Receiving Help for the First Time

Before COVID-19, Carol worked a full-time job in manufacturing. However, this global pandemic led Carol to an early retirement, resulting in a need for food assistance for the first time to help make ends meet.

Receiving Help for the First Time


Carol is thankful for the wide variety of food that she receives at the distribution. “Fresh produce means a lot to me. We were raised – and I raised my daughter--that every meal you have, you should have a vegetable.”

Whatever food she doesn’t need, Carol gives to a neighbor who takes care of her three grandchildren. She is grateful to donors and volunteers who help make sure those in need get extra help, especially during extraordinary times such as the pandemic. “I just want to thank them very much because this really helps me out. It helps me out and it helps my neighbor out. I’m very appreciative of the people that work here and the donors, too.”

Is this your first time here?
Is this your first time here?

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