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Food for the Whole Family

Now 71 years young, Frances grew up in a large family with ten other siblings, and now has a large family of her own that includes ten grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. She also helps take care of her 91-year-old mother, who lives on her own. However, Frances visits her mother each day to cook for her.

Food for the Whole Family


Frances attends the Food Bank’s Senior Distribution, and the food she receives ensures that both she and her mother eat healthy meals. “I love to cook. It really helps me. I help take care of my 91-year-old mother, and it helps me to help her. I want to keep her safe and healthy.”

The donors and volunteers who help with the Senior Distribution are a huge part of making sure seniors like Frances can continue to care for themselves and their families. And for that, Frances is grateful. “Thank you for having a heart to want to help people. I’m thankful for this program.”

How You Can Help Fight Hunger
How You Can Help Fight Hunger

Your generosity makes all the difference between families having nutritious meals or wondering where their next meal will come from.

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How You Can Help Fight Hunger

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