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Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities

Project Areas


In our Repack area, volunteers assist on a variety of projects related to sorting through and packing up incoming donations before the food is eventually distributed to our partner programs in the community. Typical Repack projects include: Nonperishable Food Sorting and Packing, Backpacks for Kids Kit Assembly, Shelf Stable Emergency Kit Assembly, and Commodidty Supplemental Food Program box Assembly. 


In our Kitchen area, volunteers assist with the preparation and packing of thousands of hot meals and lunches each day for a variety of programs, including Kids Café and Summer Feeding. 


In our Marketplace area, volunteers assist our partner programs with selecting and loading their orders. Over the course of the shift, they will also help to keep the Marketplace area organized and easy for agencies to shop in.

Euclid Neighborhood Pantry

The GCFB Euclid Food Pantry is a choice pantry, which allows clients to select their own food instead of receiving a pre-packed or standard bag of groceries. With this method, clients do not have to take items they already have, do not like, or cannot eat for health or personal reasons. Volunteers are needed to assist with client check-in, client shopping, loading food into vehicles, organizing and stocking the space, and more!

Food Distributions

At our Food Distribution events, volunteers assist with distributing food directly to the community! Typical volunteer tasks include loading food into client vehicles, client check-in, and traffic control. Learn more about volunteering at our Food Distribution events!

Refrigerated Donation Intake

The Refrigerated Donation Intake project involves sorting through incoming perishable donations in our Retail Cooler. Be sure to dress warmly if you sign up for this opportunity!

Group Volunteering
Group Volunteering

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