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SNAP Outreach

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank has a full-time staff of Benefits Outreach Counselors who work in the community.

The team helps individuals apply for public benefits such as SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid, Medicare Savings, and other benefits available through the State’s Ohio Benefits Public Benefits Management Software.

Application options are varied in order to accommodate a family’s specific immediate needs. Any adult of any age may apply. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Benefits Outreach Counselors will walk you through the process step by step. These programs are available for anyone who needs them.

If an individual makes less than $1,580 per month (gross) they may be eligible for assistance. The income limit for a family of four is $3,250.

If you would like a Benefits Outreach Counselor to come to your organization to help you or your clients apply for benefits please contact us at

In Need of Help?
In Need of Help?

Contact our Help Center at 216.738.2067 or visit our web page. Our Help Center has staff available to help you.

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Outreach Truck

If you would like to request the Outreach Truck to be present at your event, please contact our outreach team using the link below.

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We will do our best to be present at requested events. If your request can not be fulfilled, we work with your organization to offer Help Center resources to your participants.

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