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Our Greater Cleveland Food Bank Kitchen

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Our Greater Cleveland Food Bank Kitchen

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Kitchen has been a part of the Food Bank for 20 years and has grown exponentially providing millions and millions of meals to children and seniors in Northeast Ohio.

It is a full-production kitchen located in the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and is one of dozens of food bank kitchens in the Feeding America network.

A professional staff—with the support of volunteers—has been preparing complete meals for our partner agencies, such as hot meal programs, that lack the resources or staff to prepare meals at their own facilities.

More than 6,500 high quality nutritious meals are prepared daily. All of our meals meet or exceed dietary guidelines and are planned and reviewed by our on-staff registered, licensed dietitian.

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The Food Bank Kitchen team consists of eight full time cooks, and four staff for cold menu production and inventory support. The Production Manager oversees the kitchen operations staff and the Food Quality Assurance Manager manages the cold menu staff and oversees the food quality programs.

Meal types include individual meals, family style meals, lunch meals and breakfast meals during the summer months. These meals include meat and vegetarian entrees, vegetable and starch side dishes, sandwiches, fruit and beverages.

Serving Seniors

On a typical day, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank Kitchen provides about 2,400 meals that are delivered by partner agencies to seniors in their homes. Of those, about 100 are heated in the kitchen and picked up by drivers. The remainder are heated at partner sites for delivery across the Greater Cleveland area.

Additionally, the kitchen produces about 1,000 meals for congregate programs. These are community or senior centers where meals are served at the site. Menus rotate seasonally to provide variety and meet Older Americans Act guidelines.

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Children's Programs

During the school year, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank Kitchen provides meals to children through a nutrition program called Kids Cafe. The Kids Cafe program is an after-school program designed to provide meals, snacks, and nutrition education to children that may not have a meal available at home.

The Food Bank Kitchen produces meals that can be heated and served at child nutrition sites able to provide hot meals. The kitchen also provides a complete cold lunch box meal for sites where these are needed. For these two types of Kid’s Café programs, the kitchen prepares around 2,400 meals per day.”

When June rolls around, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank Kitchen produces meals for children at Summer Food Service meal program sites (SFSP). In the summer of 2022, nearly 100 sites were sponsored by the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

Meals for lunch programs increased to about 3,000 per day from early June to mid-August. Additionally, the Food Bank Kitchen produces approximately 1,200 breakfast meals per day during SFSP.

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