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Staying Positive with Community Support

To say that Anthony has faced a lot of health challenges is an understatement, but he keeps a positive outlook with the help of his dogs, his doctors, and the help he receives from the Food Bank. Moreover, he’s learned to adapt his diet and lifestyle to improve his health.

Staying Positive with Community Support


“I got stage four cancer. I got the lung surgery. That’s the most problematic thing - that and the chemo,” he said.

“When I got sick and started the chemo I wasn’t able to eat a lot of stuff. I was only 150 pounds. So they said ‘you eat or die,’ Anthony explained. “I started eating and the food was terrible - it tasted like saw dust. When I ate the fruit it almost had a taste. Before then I wasn’t really a fruit person.”

“The Food Bank helps me a lot because I come down here [to the Muni Lot distribution] and I really don’t have to go to the grocery store as often,” he said, “as long as they keep giving me fruit, and they give me stuff that I can eat like plums.”

Anthony wants the donors to know he appreciates their support and gives back to the Food Bank when he can. “I do that sometimes too, not as much as I would like to, because I got to budget myself.”

“At Thanksgiving they had the $5.00 bags at the grocery store where you donate a bag. I try to donate when I can. At Christmas and Easter, I donate a bag. Sometimes I have to save a few dollars here or there.”

“The Adams Avenue Church of Christ - they had a big food pantry. One day after I started feeling better I went over there to help them pack. The man that ran it gave me a place to live. He didn’t charge me until I was feeling better. And then all he asked was to help him around that building.”

Reflecting on his situation, Anthony said, “Everything’s been good to me so I’ve been trying to help when I can.”

How You Can Help Fight Hunger
How You Can Help Fight Hunger

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How You Can Help Fight Hunger

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