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A Mother's Love Magnified By Her Sons

A Mother's Love Magnified By Her Sons

Nicole has brought her three sons to volunteer at our St. Mary’s partner distribution site in Painesville for three years now. A true family affair, Nicole, Gus, Andy, and Sam work hand-in-hand in unpacking, sorting, and filling carts with food items you help supply. But for Nicole, the lessons and values learned by her children are the most valuable product.

"They love doing this. And they love seeing the differences they’re making. They see the families coming through with kids or pulling in their empty carts to be filled, and they get excited. Plus, you should see the eyes of the older recipients here, in their 70s and 80s, light up when they interact with my sons."

"My boys will not miss a visit. One time I couldn’t come and they insisted on coming, so their grandmother brought them." "I like organizing the tables," says Gus. "I like directing the cars," Sam shares. "And I like reloading the tables," adds Andy. Anyone who meets Nicole’s sons quickly realizes that they’ve been raised by a tremendously compassionate mother. When asked why they think it’s important to help people, Gus calmly responded, "Because that’s why we’re put here."

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