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A Deep Appreciation for Fresh Produce

Sandra has been coming to the Vineyard Community Church food distributions ever since going on disability in 2014.

A Deep Appreciation for Fresh Produce


After working for 23 years at the Department of Defense in Cleveland, Sandra found her chronic neurological food condition to be hurting her and her ability to function at work too much. Despite being on disability, the income she receives is nowhere near her previous paycheck – and yet – it simultaneously places her income above what SNAP benefits could cover.

The food Sandra is able to receive at these distributions is “a great deal of help,” and she especially loves the quality of the fresh produce.

Because of the food she is able to receive, Sandra spoke about how she was able to stay on budget. “My grocery bill has almost been cut in half because I come here, so it’s easier for me to make sure that I pay all of my bills. Every little bit helps, you know” expressed Sandra.

When reflecting upon the experience of going through these distributions Sandra reflected that,

“They make me feel great. These are all very kindhearted people and they are sociable. Anything you need, they seem to be willing to help direct you to any other place that could be of help.”

Sandra is very aware of the amount of help these services provide for families in need. She even offered some advice to families who have recently found themselves in need for the first time. She advised them to, “go ahead and ask for help because the products are here and the people are here and willing to help. You don’t need to be ashamed or embarrassed. Your community is here for you.”

Sandra has gone as far as to seek out opportunities for herself to volunteer at distributions like these, always making sure to do what she can to show her gratitude.

Finally, Sandra shared with us that she is, “grateful, very, very grateful for the help” and “blessed to live amongst such generosity.”

How You Can Help Fight Hunger
How You Can Help Fight Hunger

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How You Can Help Fight Hunger

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