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Recognition Ceremony

Recognition Ceremony

Annual Harvest for Hunger Campaign Sets New Record:
More than 37 million meals

On June 8, 2021 Harvest for Hunger Co-Chairs Sean Richardson, Huntington and Bill Lacey, GE Lighting, a Savant company, thanked donors for their contributions to this year’s Harvest for Hunger community-wide food and funds drive at the recognition event.

Kristin Warzocha, Food Bank President & CEO also spoke at the event to thank supporters. The campaign set a new record, collecting over $9.3 million and thousands of pounds of food to provide 37,271,671 million nutritious meals for local hunger relief organizations. 

Thank you to the following:

Congratulations to the following award winners:

The Bag of Hope Award, which is given to organizations that have 200 or more employees, was presented to Oswald Companies whose employees raised $30,000 this year during their Harvest For Hunger campaign. Not only did they raise critical funds, but they also volunteered their time at one of our weekly Muni Lot distributions. Oswald Companies has supported the Harvest For Hunger campaign since 1999.

The Edmond V. Worley Award, named after the first executive director of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, is given to organizations with less than 200 employees and was presented to Benesch. This year, through the participation of Benesch employees in their drive, they raised more than $40,000 to help fight hunger.  Benesch employees have been supporting our Harvest for Hunger campaign since 1997 for 24 years.

The Rory Borgio Award is presented to a remarkable school that is working to improve their community. This year’s award goes to Beachwood High School – Hope Blooms Ohio campaign. Hope Blooms Ohio was a creative marketing campaign developed to inspire hope and uplift our local and global communities through a pop art installation that featured five 20-30’ inflatable flowers. The flowers traveled across Northeast Ohio for eight weeks. Each flower represented the mission of Hope Blooms Ohio: Unity, Love, Health, Blossom, Inspire, and Joy. The students of Beachwood High School’s Junior Achievement class identified food insecurity as the most pressing cause for our region and they wanted to make a difference. Through the Hope Blooms Ohio campaign, they were able to raise awareness and meet their goal of raising $40,000 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

The Student Leadership award is given to a remarkable young individual who is working to help improve their community. This year, a group of four students were recognized. The students are Anna Toman, Matt DeSciscio, Tyler Kinnear, and Alex Daprano from Saint Albert the Great. These four students organized and maintained the Harvest for Hunger Drive for three weeks in March amongst 33 classes and raised 5,872 pounds of food. They helped collect the goods and made sure they were placed in a designated area in the school and also helped load the truck when the Food Bank came to pick the boxes up.

Workplace Coordinator of the Year: Loretta Joyce, City of Cleveland

Honorable Mention Awards: Fairport Wealth – Rookie of the Year; Luna Bakery – MVP Award; Cargill – Corporate Advocate Award; Ohio Lottery – Virtual Trailblazer Award; Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis – Employee Engagement Award


The Recognition Ceremony for the 2022 campaign will take place on Thursday, June 9, 2022 at Nela Park. Save the date on your calendars!

Bag of Hope and Edmond V. Worley Award Nominations for 2022:

The Bag of Hope and Edmond V. Worley Awards are given each year to one organization that demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to Harvest for Hunger. Organizations are considered for these awards based on the participation of their employees, creativity of their drive, and support of hunger relief efforts. The Bag of Hope Award is awarded to organizations with more than 200 employees. The Edmond V. Worley Award is awarded to organizations with 200 employees or less.

Examples of unparalleled commitment include but are not limited to:

  • Implemented more than 1 employee engagement initiative (Virtual or In-Person). This can be a special event such as a bake sale or trivia night, a match challenge from upper leadership, or a raffle.
  • Involved an education aspect into your campaign, i.e. showed a Food Bank Video, attended a webinar or coffee chat, held a Making Tough Choices activity, had a Food Bank staff member on-site or virtually present to employees.
  • Participated in a service opportunity with the Food Bank (On-site or Off-site) – Volunteer shift, write notes for clients, donated specific items to the Food Bank, helped out with one of our partner agencies or at our Euclid Food Pantry.
  • Participated in a sponsorship opportunity with the Food Bank, i.e. sponsored an event such as Market at the Food Bank or a weekly Muni-Lot Distribution.

If you feel your company has matched any of these criteria and should be considered for one of the above awards, please fill out and submit the below form for consideration.

Bag of Hope and Edmond V. Worley Awards Nomination Form

Submissions will open on Monday, May 2, and close on Friday, May 13th. 

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