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How is my donation used?

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank and its food bank partners use the dollars donated through the Harvest for Hunger campaign to make food available to local hunger centers and the clients they serve. Every dollar donated to Harvest for Hunger helps provide three nutritious meals to people right here in our community.

How are donations divided among the twenty-one counties covered by the Harvest for Hunger campaign?

The funds that are raised in your community through the Harvest for Hunger benefit hunger centers served by your local food bank.

Who does the Greater Cleveland Food Bank serve?

  • 28% are children
  • 23% are seniors
  • 49% had to choose between paying for food or utilities
  • The percentage of adults reporting fair or poor health in our service area ranged from 12% in Geauga County to 18% in Ashtabula County.
  • 46% of households we serve have at least one member who requires a diabetes-friendly and/or heart-healthy diet

How is $1 able to help provide up to 3 nutritious meals?

Food banks receive donations from food wholesalers, distributors, Feeding America, local food drives, and other sources, such as the United States Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Food Purchase Program. We also purchase food by the semi-load at reduced costs. Thanks to these donations and the hard work of more than 18,000 volunteers a year, every dollar goes a long way!

Click here to make a donation to Harvest for Hunger.

Is it best to collect food or money?

Your dollars go the furthest to help hungry people in our area. The Greater Cleveland Food Bank uses dollars donated through Harvest for Hunger to make food available to local hunger centers and the clients they serve. Because of our incredible purchasing power, every $1 donated to the Food Bank helps provide up to three meals. This allows us to purchase highly nutritious food, such as fresh produce.

If we choose to do a food drive in addition to collecting funds, what are the most-needed food items?

Although the most-needed donation is cash, there are ten most needed items that are essential to local hunger centers. View Top Ten Item Flyer. We also encourage the donation of items low in sodium and sugar.

Should we purchase the most-needed food items with the money we collect?

No. Monetary donations are the most essential element of emergency food assistance. The Food Bank is able to acquire the most needed food items at prices significantly lower than what would be available to you at retail stores.

How should we get the food and monetary donations we collect to you?

We consider the delivery of your food donation to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to be part of your generous contribution, as transportation is a significant expense for our organization.

An appointment is not needed to drop off food. We are able to accept food donations Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at our facility, located at 13815 Coit Rd., Cleveland, OH 44110. Please pull around to the East side of our building and up to the ramp marked “All Donations," ring the bell outside the door and a member of our warehouse staff will be out to assist you. Our staff will unload and weigh the items in order to provide you with a receipt for the donation.

Please be prepared to provide our staff with the organization and contact information for your drive and/or food donation.

Note: We can only accept food donations that are non-perishable and directly received by Greater Cleveland Food Bank staff. Any items left outside our building will be disposed of.

Will you send an acknowledgment of my donation?

Yes! All individual donors will receive a thank you letter indicating the amount for their donation. At the end of the campaign, all companies will receive a thank you letter indicating the total amount of food and/or funds contributed to the campaign. Companies that reach one of our giving levels will be recognized at the Harvest for Hunger Recognition Ceremony. We are grateful for all you do to help the campaign!

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