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Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope

"All things grow with love"

The Harvest of Hope Society recognizes the Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s most committed and generous partners. Esteemed members have made a significant impact in our past and present, and will continue to do so in our future, through their generous and loyal support of the Food Bank’s mission.

Last year, more than 350,000 people were served in Northeast Ohio through the Food Bank and our more than 1,000 program partners. This vital work is made possible by generous support from community leaders.

Membership Levels

Annual Members

Annual Members help provide millions of meals to neighbors in need across Northeast Ohio every year.

  • Gleaners: $100,000+
  • Growers: $50,000-$99,999
  • Nurturers: $10,000-$49,999
  • Planters: $5,000-$9,999
  • Tillers: $2,500-$4,999
  • Gardeners: $1,000-$2,499


Harvesters are truly extraordinary partners who have achieved the million meal milestone by giving over $250,000 througout their lifetime.


Perennials have been dedicated to feeding our community for than 15 consecutive years.

Membership Benefits

Harvest of Hope Society members play a critical role in our mission to ensure
everyone in our communities has the nutritious food they need every day. In
addition to making a lasting difference in our community, members receive
special benefits and recognition.

  • Exclusive community impact and program updates
  • Invitations to special events and celebrations to connect with others who are dedicated to our mission
  • Recognition in Food Bank publications and during our Annual Meeting in October

The Harvest of Hope Society is a lifeline for the one in six Northeast Ohioans struggling with hunger—cultivating an abundant and hopeful harvest here in our community.

To make a donation to become a member of Harvest of Hope or to renew your membership, please click here.

If you can any questions, please contact our Donor Services team at 216.535.2051.

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