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Library’s Summer Meals Program Makes Them Happy

Library’s Summer Meals Program Makes Them Happy

Ariah & Audrey

In the summer, there’s something for everyone in Audrey’s family at the Cleveland Public Library’s Rockport Branch. Audrey uses the library to help her look for a job and to provide her 6-year-old daughter, Ariah, with a good lunch and some fun activities.

“I came here to get on the computer and fill out some applications,” she explained. “Actually, I’m searching for a job right now in Customer Service. I decided to just bring Ariah with me because I knew they have free lunches, and she likes to go into kids’ area.”

The library’s free meals help her make ends meet. There are other benefits to being there as well. “It gives Ariah (an only child) something to do,” Audrey noted. “When kids come somewhere they always want to snack on something. And it’s a great opportunity for the kids to meet new people, enjoy lunch, and have a better day.”

Ariah had a hard time deciding what her favorite food at the library is, but chose apples overall. When mom’s cooking, though, it’s hamburgers!

The Rockport Branch’s free lunch program benefits the whole community. Audrey said, “I live in Rocky River. There are a lot of kids out there. In our area we have a water park and park for kids to play at. The library is convenient for me – gives me extra time to spend time with my daughter.”

To those who help provide the free lunch program, Audrey added, “Thank you for the opportunity, and for feeding families who don’t have as much as other people.”

Written by Naomi Kall

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