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Above All, They Love the Food

Above All, They Love the Food

Dr. Wendy Sprinkle

When Dr. Wendy Sprinkle hears the second-graders chattering excitedly, she knows it’s her cue. She opens the door, and the Kingdom Grace Kids Café after-school program begins. For this kind, energetic retired school teacher, it’s the best part of a busy week.

The kids file into the room one by one, eagerly anticipating what Dr. Sprinkle has in store for the afternoon. But for these children from hardworking families, Kids Café is about much more than just catching up on homework. It’s a place they know they’ll get to enjoy a healthy, delicious meal.

“We keep to a schedule,” Dr. Sprinkle says. “The kids eat a nutritious meal and then start their math and their reading. We break for activities. These kids are precious and they love to learn. But above all, they love the food. They even eat their vegetables!”

Thanks to your support, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank partners with after-school programs across Northeast Ohio to provide nutritious meals for kids. The Food Bank delivers these meals at no cost to our partners. “We really appreciate their providing this food for the children,” Dr. Sprinkle says, “because our own funds are limited. So, to have the Food Bank deliver these meals for the children is a really great help. It’s always appreciated.”

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