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Hunger Education and Speakers

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Speakers’ Bureau

Greater Cleveland Food Bank staff and volunteer community ambassadors are available to speak to your group about the Food Bank’s work.  Our community ambassadors will speak to your group about the mission of the Food Bank, how we operate, what the need looks like in Northeast Ohio, and how to get involved.  These presentations are usually 20-40 minutes in length and are available year-round. 

If you are interested in inviting a member of the Speakers’ Bureau to speak at your event or meeting, please fill out this presentation request form.

If you are interested in a presentation on a specific topic, such as nutrition, public benefits, or Harvest for Hunger, please fill out the form above and specify your request.

Due to the high volume of requests, we are not able to accommodate elementary and middle school groups at this time.  Please see our Hunger Education materials on this page for activities designed for elementary and middle school students.

Questions?  Please contact us via email

Interactive Presentations and Simulations

For Small Groups (Making Choices Activity)

The Making Choices Activity is designed to help participants understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to stretch their budget through the month.  In this activity participants are assigned into one of six working families.  Each family has a specific budget that they must stick to throughout the month.

During the experience, families are presented with a series of choices.  Based on their specific situation, families need to make choices around housing, transportation, schooling, and food, all while operating within their budget. 

The activity typically lasts about 60 minutes.  It includes a brief introduction, the actual activity, and a debriefing period in which participants share their feelings and experiences about what they have learned about the lives of the working poor.  There is no cost to conduct this activity.

For Large Groups (Poverty Simulation)

The Poverty Simulation is an interactive three hour experience for large groups (60 to 90) that helps individuals begin to understand what life is like with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress.  It moves people to think about the harsh realities of poverty and to talk about how communities can address the problem collectively.  Most importantly, it encourages people to make a difference. 

The simulation is based on the Missouri Community Action Model, and is facilitated at your facility by Greater Cleveland Food Bank.  Since 2013, many organization and companies have participated in poverty simulations including Leadership Cleveland, Cleveland Indians, Greater Cleveland RTA, and Cleveland Municipal School District.  The cost to conduct the simulation is $300.

Questions?  Please contact us via email.