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DEI Initiative

DEI Initiative

In the Greater Cleveland Food Bank FY19-FY21 Strategic Plan, the Food Bank committed to “Increase DEI awareness and build cultural competence of Food Bank Leaders, Staff, and Partners.”

The Food Bank created an internal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council of 25 staff members from all levels and departments within the organization formed to help guide this initiative. Through a combination of surveys, focus groups and audits of company policies a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan was developed to foster an environment where everyone affiliated with or employed by the organization feels valued and is treated equitably.

Read our 2022 DEI Council Report here.


The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Community embraces and respects that every individual is unique and from different backgrounds and life experiences.

Diversity is promoted and encouraged through recruitment efforts to reach a broad and diverse group of qualified applicants. Our standardized evaluation process is designed to provide all candidates with an equitable experience.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion screening questions and scenarios are also integrated into our application process for supervisors to gauge DEI competency and compliance.

It is the policy of the Food Bank to provide equal opportunity in employment for all qualified individuals, to prohibit unlawful discrimination in employment and to promote realization of equal employment opportunities through a positive continuing practice of equal opportunity within the organization. Learn more about job opportunities at the Food Bank.


The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Community provides equal access to opportunities and fair treatment to everyone in our community.

Regular audits of company policies are conducted to ensure equal access to technology, training, professional development, flexible work arrangements, and more. The Food Bank also ensures equal pay for equal work for all employees and conducts frequent analysis of gender and ethnicity wages.

Supervisors receive training on unconscious bias for recruitment and performance evaluations. All employees are also evaluated on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as core competencies on annual performance reviews.

All staff members are encouraged to report any equity concerns to their supervisor or Human Resources. Staff members also have an opportunity to provide suggestions and ideas through public or anonymous forums.

Please share any questions, suggestions, or concerns about DEI with our team.

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The Greater Cleveland Food Bank Community ensures that everyone is welcomed, known and valued, and creates an open door environment where everyone is encouraged to bring their whole and unique selves.

To create a welcoming environment physical accessibility of our facility is a top priority – both to remove current barriers and identify accessibility enhancements in any future building renovations.

It is also important that all of our marketing and communication materials reflect the diversity of our clients, volunteers, partners and employees. As we share the story of hunger in Northeast Ohio, we are committed to authentically and respectfully representing the diverse neighborhoods, families and people we serve.

Other initiatives include receiving vendor bids from minority-owned and female-owned businesses, providing culturally diverse food options to our partners and clients and implementing LGBTQ Safe Zone across the organization.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone in our communities has the nutritious food they need every day.

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank remains an ally and advocate in solving inequities that disproportionately affect our communities as it relates to hunger and food security. In keeping our promise to the community, we stand in solidarity with our neighbors that face intolerable acts of violence and injustice committed against them.

Proud to be the NorthCoast 99 Special Category Award, Diversity & Inclusion, 2021 Winner!

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