Greater Cleveland Food Bank
Give Help/Who You're Helping/You're support helps make ends meet.

You're support helps make ends meet.

You're support helps make ends meet.


Even though she works full-time, Jacqueline struggles to feed her children. Your support is helping her family make ends meet.

When Jacqueline drops her three children off at school on her way to work, she’s grateful that they’ll at least have a good lunch. That’s not something she takes for granted anymore. Because she receives no help from the children’s father, Jacqueline has struggled to provide for their most basic needs.

“There were times when it seemed we were going to be homeless,” Jacqueline said. “I was skipping dinner so my kids could eat, but they weren’t getting much either.” Thankfully, that’s when she discovered that the Greater Cleveland Food Bank was providing meals and groceries through The Salvation Army, a partner agency near the family’s home in Ohio City.

“I can’t say how much of a difference it’s made,” Jacqueline says. “Groceries are expensive, especially with three kids. But the Food Bank is putting food in our cupboards and on our table. And it’s good — fruits and veggies, apples, carrots, grapes, greens.”

Thanks to this help, combined with a new fulltime job, Jacqueline and her family have come a long way towards self-sufficiency. “Life is tough,” she admits. “But we have a plan to move forward. And I’m thankful.”

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