Greater Cleveland Food Bank
Give Help/Who You're Helping/You're helping Keith stay healthy.

You're helping Keith stay healthy.

You're helping Keith stay healthy.


Keith is a landscaper, and it’s hard work. Sometimes, he might have 11 or 12-hour days. “The problem is,” he explains, “the work isn’t stable. There’s a lot less work in fall and winter.”

During those lean times, Keith is grateful for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. He comes to East Shore United Methodist Church, one of our partner agencies. “I like the food,” Keith said. “The fact that they provide something healthy like salad is great, because I need to eat right for work.”

He continued: “What I appreciate most is that they’re helping me out, giving me a reason to be thankful. Without this food, I might not have enough to eat. I always tell people who are struggling that they take care of you.” Thank you for giving a hand up to neighbors like Keith. You ensure they can persevere when times are tough.

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