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Sometimes, Alisha doesn't eat so her kids can.

Sometimes, Alisha doesn't eat so her kids can.


Alisha is a working mother of four children, including an 8-year-old with autism. Her husband cares for the children full-time while Alisha supports her family with an hourly wage job. She’s grateful to have work, but it’s a long drive from home and requires a lot of gas.

Even with a little bit of assistance from SNAP, Alisha’s family still lives on a very tight budget from month to month. There’s not always enough money to buy groceries for everyone, especially if something unexpected comes up.

“Sometimes I don’t eat so my kids can,” she admits.

Without enough room in the budget to feed her family, Alisha says she and her husband just can’t afford any “extras” for their children. One of her sons wants to play the violin, another the bass drum. But these are expenses that are just not possible when the family’s resources hardly cover their basic needs.

Fortunately, things are slowly improving since Alisha found out about the Brook Park Community Church food pantry about a year ago. The groceries she’s able to take home from this Food Bank partner agency have helped her stretch her budget more than she thought possible.

Thanks to your generous support, families like Alisha’s can enjoy nutritious meals every day of the year. These families rely on well-stocked food pantries across Northeast Ohio to get them through hard financial times.

When you give, you’re helping to make Alisha’s family and so many others healthier and more self-reliant. Alisha is really looking forward to her kids’ holiday break from school, as she loves to spend as much time with them as she can. And this year’s holiday season will be made even better because of you.

“Thank you,” says Alisha. “You put a lot of smiles on people’s faces that you don’t get to see.”

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