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Doris can keep her home, thanks to you.

Doris can keep her home, thanks to you.


Doris and her husband are at risk of losing their home. Receiving food assistance through your support is giving them hope.

When Doris’ adult son suddenly passed away, life seemed to crumble down around her. "I just holed up and wouldn’t leave the house," she says. "I couldn’t."

Eventually, because Doris and her husband are retired seniors living on a very fixed budget, she began venturing out just long enough to go to the local food pantry at St. Vincent de Paul, a partner agency of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. In time, Doris became a "regular," coming once a month for food and volunteering several days a week as her way of giving back.

Ten years later, Doris still shows her gratitude by volunteering, and she sometimes comes for food. The assistance she receives means much more than just food on the table. "We’re trying to keep our home," she says. "We could lose it, but because of the food we receive, we have more money to pay our other bills and hopefully, keep our home."

Doris is deeply grateful for the help she has received, and for the important impact generous partners like you are having on her community. "So many people in our community are hungry," she says. "Boys and girls go to bed hungry at night. When I think about the hungry children, I could just cry."

Thank you for bringing food and much-needed hope to hungry people across Northeast Ohio — from the tiniest tots to elderly folks living out their golden years.

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