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A Grandmother Can Feed Her Grandkids

A Grandmother Can Feed Her Grandkids


Renee is a retired school administrator who’s helping raise her three active grandkids — Alex, 9, Casey, 11, and Patricia, 15. They can be a handful sometimes, but she still loves each of them dearly.

“They keep me busy!” Renee says, with a laugh.

During the day, the children’s mother works long hours caring for senior citizens at a nearby residential facility. She’s saving up so she and her kids can move into their own place. Until that day comes, they’ll continue to stay with Renee.

Stretching Renee’s fixed retirement income and her daughter’s small paychecks has been a challenge for the family. At the grocery store, she sometimes has trouble affording enough healthy food to prepare balanced meals.

Because she knows her grandchildren need good nutrition to focus on their studies, Renee began visiting University Settlement Hunger Center, her local Food Bank partner agency, for help with groceries. With each visit to the Hunger Center, she’s able to stock up on items she can use to make the children’s favorite meals — like salads, chicken with noodles and vegetables.

In addition to the shelf-stable foods she receives, Renee is able to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank mobile pantry that regularly visits the Hunger Center.

The healthy food also gives the kids energy for their athletics — Casey’s on the basketball team and Patricia is a dancer. All three help out with laundry, cooking and housekeeping — Renee says they’re really responsible. She’s so grateful that when their mom comes home from work, the family can sit down together to enjoy a full table — all because of generous friends like you.

“Thank you,” Renee says. “It’s really helpful, especially when you have kids in the house.”

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