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Special Skill Based Volunteers

Give Help/Special Skill Based Volunteers

Skills Based Volunteer Opportunities 

The following Volunteer Assignment Profiles identify desired skills and traits, time commitments, support and training to be provided by the Food Bank.  Candidates are interviewed and matched with a specific assignment and a staff member who serves as the contact person.  Please review the Volunteer Assignment Profile and email the contact person for more information.  If you have special skills to offer the Food Bank that do not match a current Volunteer Assignment Profile, please email or contact Volunteer Services at 216-738-2069.  All hours worked as a special skills based volunteer will be recorded through the volunteer registration system.  Those requiring court-ordered community service hours are not eligible for Special Skills Based Volunteer Assignments. 

Volunteer Assignment Profiles

Volunteer Ambassador
Volunteer Receptionist
Volunteer Marketplace Assistant
Volunteer Mystery Shopper
Volunteer Safety Committee Member
Outreach Client Help Intern