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Child Nutrition Reauthorization News

Last week the bipartisan Senate Agriculture Committee passed its child nutrition bill unanimously.  The bill expired in September, and we hope that the full Senate will quickly vote on and pass the Improving Child Nutrition Integrity and Access Act of 2016.

Ohio's Senator Sherrod Brown sits on the Agriculture Committee, and child nutrition is one of his top priorities. 

In the Ag committee bill, cuts to children’s food programs were avoided. The CACFP program and the Summer Feeding Program through which the Greater Cleveland Food Bank fed 15,300 kids last year, were streamlined.  The improvements will help us serve more children more effectively, and that is important!  In Ohio, only 11% of children who eat at school during the school year are fed at summer feeding programs!  The bill will help us provide more meals to hungry kids in the summertime.

It’s not over yet. We will need your help getting it passed in the full Senate and in the House. But for now, we ask you to join us in taking a moment to thank one of children’s champions, Senator Sherrod Brown, who serves on the Ag Committee, for his tireless work on this bill that the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Feeding America support. Use the following message as a starting point for your letter, email, or Facebook message to Senator Brown:

As a supporter of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, I would like to thank you so much for your work on the Improving Child Nutrition Integrity and Access Act of 2016, a bipartisan reauthorization that protects vital child nutrition programs and makes important advancements to ensure kids have better access to programs and healthy, nutritious foods.

I know that child nutrition is a top priority for you. There is nothing more basic, or more important, than making sure that children have adequate nutritious food.  Thank you so much for continuing to work hard to make sure that the United States makes this important investment in our children.