Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Staff List

Kristin Warzocha, President & CEO 216.738.2064


Bonnie Barrett, Vice President & CFO 216.738.2052

JoAnn Burnett, Receptionist 216.738.2118

Lisa DiCapua, PHR,  Director of Human Resources 216.738.2128

Brian Stump, Controller 216.738.2043

Jacqueline Hodge, Junior Accountant 216.738.2047

Amy Monroe, Junior Accountant 216.738.2067

Neil Haffey, Director of Information Technology, 216.738.7272

Cash McCall, IT Technical Support Coordinator, 216.738.2066

Susan Tisdale, Network & Applications Manager 216.738.2061

Agency Services & Programs

Deborah Beckwith, Vice President of Agency Programs and Services 216.738.2124

Fatima Bolden, Program Assistant 216.738.2054     

Danielle Cheehe, Agency Services Supervisor 216.738.2125 

Thea DeRosa, Director of Programs 216.738.2127  

Sharon Furcron, Agency Services Representative 216.738.2062

Kristen Mikelbank, Planning Coordinator 216.738.7220  

Noel Rivera, Agency Services Assistant 216.738.2058       

Ariana Fiorita, Nutrition Manager

Jessica Morgan, Director of Agency Services 216.738.2133     

Alonzo Vance, Manager of Programs 216.738.2136

Carli Nelson, Program Coordinator 216.738.7235

Latonya Gibson, Agency Marketplace Representative 216.738.2065

Melissa Harraman, Agency Compliance Coordinator  216.738.2265 x7224

Mario Cane, Program Assistant  216.738.2265 x7226

Matt Moore, Mobile Pantry Coordinator 216.738.7243

Community Kitchen

Thomas Steinmetz, Food Service Manager, 216.738.2045

Susan Jacklitch, Lead Cook 216.738.2265 x2055

Amos Warner, Cook

Brandi Ryan, Cook

Erica Stevenson, Cook

Jedene Westmoreland, Cook

Manuel Grande, Cook

Jose Nazario, Cook

External Affairs

Jamie Sullivan, VP of External Affairs 216.738.2265 x2104


Mary O'Shea, Director of Advocacy 216.738.2135

Kimberly LoVano, Research Coordinator 216.738.7228

Benefits Outreach
Department fax: 216.481.1654

Joseph Eiben, Outreach Manager, 216.798.4671

Tristan Rader, Benefits Outreach Counselor 216.479.9881

Akilah Ashraf, Benefits Outreach Counselor 216.832.3310

Channon Fountain, Help Center Manager 216.738.2265 x7230

Dan Rourke, Client Help Specialist 216.738.2067 or 216.738.2265 x2205

Shanese Moore, Client Help Specialist 216.738.2067 or 216.738.2265 x2204 

Jerry Harris, Client Help Specialist, 216.738.2067 or 216.738.2265 x2201

Yolanda Castro, Benefits Outreach Counselor (Consejera Bilingüe) 216.738.2067  

Roger Jones, Benefits Outreach Counselor 216.738.2265 x2215

Minerva Santana, Bilingual Client Help Specialist 216.738.2067 or 216.738.2265 x2202

Thomas McGraw, Benefits Outreach Counselor, 216.738.2067


Karen Pozna, Director of Corporate and Public Relations 216.738.2132

Alyssa Giannirakis, Media Relations Coordinator 216.738.1608

Mary Ann Studebaker, Director of Individual Giving & Dev. Operations  216.738.2059          

Joanne Clemens, Senior Manager of Corporate Relations 216.738.7246

Stacey McKinley, Senior Manager of Strategic Gifts  216.738.2056 

Vontrice Jones, Senior Manager of Foundation Relations 216.738.2068

Lauren Thomas, Grant Writer 216.738.2068

Linda Moskus, Donor Database Manager 216.738.2126

Samantha Martin, Food & Funds Drive Manager 216.738.2140

Kellie Biller, Special Events & CR Manager 216.738.2046

Kevin Grissinger, Special Events and Communications Coordinator 216.738.2139

Jill Barron, Donor Services Coordinator 216.738.2265 x2102      

Jenna Ogden, Development Coordinator 216.738.2265 x2109

Trisha Previte, Communications Coordinator 216.738.2265 x7241

Volunteer Services
Department line: 216-738-7240

Alan Fratus, Volunteer Services Manager 216.738.2053 

Christopher Burkett, Volunteer Services Assistant 216.738.2069

Food Resource Development
Patty Eilmann, Director of Product Resource Development 216.738.2130 

Roderick McGuire, Purchasing Agent  216.738.7221


Dwayne Brake, Vice President of Operations 216.738.2131

George Colon, Warehouse Repack Associate 216.738.2113

Douglas Freeman, Inventory Control/Receiving Manager 216.738.7227

Jonathan Wilbraham, Repack Supervisor 216.276.3726

Michael Garrett, Warehouse Dock 216.738.2112

Richard Garrison, Reclamation Coordinator 216.738.2063

Philip Lewis, Order Fulfillment Manager 216.738.2051

Cornell Nash, Produce Coordinator 216.738.2063

Robin Petric, Warehouse Dock 216.738.2112  

Joanne Wallace, Warehouse Recovery Worker 216.738.2131

Nicole Walker, Inventory Assistant 216.701.4377

Vince Cushman, Produce & Perishable Supervisor 216.902.1492

Brian Styles, Marketplace Associate    

Randell Higgins, Warehouse Freezer/Cooler Associate

Jason Shewmaker, Warehouse Dock Associate

Ventson Williams, Warehouse Assoicate

James Hamilton, Warehouse Associate 

Tracie Amie, Warehouse Associate

Michael Patricy, Warehouse Associate

Daniel Rua, Facilities Manager 216.738.2129

Brandon Molter, Maintenance Worker 216.738.2129

Michael Keating, Fleet Manager 216.738.2048

Eddie Alicea, Driver 216.738.2048

Tim Floyd, Driver 216.738.2048

Dave Johnson, Driver 216.738.2048

Jeff Kazan, Driver 216.738.2048

Darryl Lurns, Driver 216.738.2048

Cornelious Grove, Driver 216-738-2048

Bob Vaughn, Driver 216.738.2048

Bryan Walker, Driver 216.738.2048

John Malave, Driver 216.738.2048

John Kovach, Driver 216.738.2048

Damon Reed, Driver 216.738.2048

Nelson Jimenez, Driver